Curriculum & Programs

Our Curriculum


 Rhyme Time Learning Center uses all of the best qualities of the nation’s best child care curriculums to develop the most innovative and learning-acceptive environment. Curriculums such as: Reggio, Montessori, Learn-Through-Play, Creative Curriculum and STEM.
STEM is way of thinking about how educators at all levels- including parents- should be helping students integrate knowledge across disciplines and encouraging children to think in a way that is more connected and holistic. Children are encouraged and guided through nature play and exposed to real-life objects, to begin sensory development and recognition. By dedicating a portion of our curriculum to Reggio and Montessori, Children will always be presented opportunities to explore nature, learn through adventuring and creating a play-dream with everyday objects.

Infant Program


 Our Infant program begins implementing social and emotional learning right from the start. This is our opportunity to help children become socialized and encourage curiosity to develop. Not only will your child be receiving the best care a parent could ask for, he/she will be surrounded by loving educators set out to ensure the development of each child is kick-started.  While the infant room will not have a daily scheduled circle time, teachers will be exposing the children to learning-songs and games to begin the process of the development. This way, when the child is ready to graduate from the infant room the the toddler room, they will be ready and confident!

Toddler Program


 Our toddler program begins by implementing age-appropriate play throughout all stages. Here we continue the impact of social and emotional learning, while beginning to integrate and implement learning aspects from Learn-Through-Play, Reggio, Montessori and STEM curriculum.  Toddlers are encouraged to touch, smell, explore and recognize their surroundings, their classrooms and their imaginations. We will also be encouraging Toddlers to explore the outside by implementing nature play, teacher-guided imaginative expeditions through the playground and art with nature.  In classroom, Toddlers will begin and end the process of potty training, begin picture-journey and library exposure, and begin a daily, scheduled circle time. In the circle, children will be taught educationally inspiring songs and activities that not only make learning fun, but it will make numbers and the alphabet easy to remember!  Children will be focusing on learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and practicing memorization. Children will also be focusing on their own creative expression through progressive art and ideation. They will be allowed the opportunity to choose the art project and create depending on their own visions.

Preschool Program


The Preschool Program will begin implementing a curriculum that encourages children to become classroom ready. In this program we will be strictly following a schedule to begin the adjustment children will need to have grasped by kindergarten. Children will focus on name recognition, writing, reading, counting and problem solving. Children will also be focusing on their own creative expression through progressive art and ideation. They will be allowed the opportunity to choose the art project and create depending on their own vision.

Before and After School Programs


 Our before and after school programs helps parents easily make their morning commute with as little stress as possible. 

Before school encourages children to practice mindfulness in preparation for their day. After school programs begins with homework time.  During this time our teachers work with children to help complete their homework. This is an opportunity for children to learn more about their school curriculum, but at their own pace! By using an encouraging homework chart to help children keep on track, they will feel less stressed after school and more excited to complete activities! After homework is completed, children are encouraged to distress and play in our age-appropriate classrooms!